How to freshen up your home this spring.


As the long dark winter nights draw out and the daffodils bloom, a touch of spring is in the air, our minds start to turn to the big Spring Clean and getting the home and garden in shape for the summer months.

laundry_basketThe big clean doesn't have to stop with just the house and garden, it is important that laundry goes through a deep clean too, for example, bed linen, duvets, towels, gym clothes to name but a few, essentially everything that has been a breeding ground for bacteria and mould throughout the long winter.




Hilden Hospitality recommends that items such as towels are washed after 3-5 uses, though this may seem to some as slightly obsessive, the fact that you're using the towel to dry yourself after a bath or shower means you're rubbing off dead skin cells straight on it. The result of this over a few days means that it becomes a breeding ground for tens of millions of bacteria.
The build-up of sweat from gym clothes and sport kits also provides moisture and nutrients that help bacteria grow. If this is then washed with normal clothing, the bacteria, if not killed, can spread further.

Renapur Biocare Anti-Bacterial Formula 210mlSo how can this be avoided? The solution is simple, experts recommend that laundry such as the above are washed at high temperatures or even better use an anti-bacterial laundry cleanser, such as Renapur “Biocare” Anti-Bacterial Liquid. Renapur “Biocare” incorporating Micro-Fresh technology vastly reduces or eliminates product odours and is 99.99% effective against bacteria. By adding this to the conditioner tray, along with the high temperature wash, Renapur “Biocare” will keep your laundry fresher for longer and bacteria at bay for at least 5 more washes.




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