Renapur Travel Pot


Scruffy shoes, dull belts and bags and cracked leather jackets are never a good look – especially when you’re away for work or pleasure and you want to look your very best.

Experts in leather care, Renapur, had the stylish traveller in mind when they designed the Renapur Leather Balsam Travel Pot. With natural ingredients including beeswax and jojoba oil, Renapur Leather Balsam protects, waterproofs and nourishes leather all in one, restoring its original softness and colour.

Whether travelling for an important business meeting, planning a glamorous holiday or packing an overnight bag for a country retreat, Renapur Leather Balsam is the perfect traveller’s companion. The Travel Pot contains 50ml – light and compact to carry but as Renapur Balsam is such good quality a little goes a very long way; 50ml is enough to treat and protect over 100 pairs of shoes!

A balsam rather than a liquid, the contents won’t spill in your bag despite the best efforts of some airport luggage handlers!

Transparent in colour, one pot of Renapur Leather Balsam does it all, leaving plenty of room for your capsule wardrobe!

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