Classic Van and Pick-Up review Renapur


Classic Van and Pick-Up magazine recently reviewed Renapur for caring for and maintaining the quality of your leather car interior.

The magazine wrote "leather requires attention to keep it looking and smelling good." Renapur's range of leather care products do just that.

Made from natural ingredients, our non-aggressive and non-abrasive leather cleaner gently removes dirt and grime from leather without harming or causing discolouration. Renapur Leather Balsam, made from beeswax and jojoba oil, nourishes leather and restores its natural softness, prolonging its life.

Renapur is not just for car interiors. Classic Van and Pick-Up added "the products are held in high esteem in many circles, and it is used by motorcyclists, equestrians or those with leather furniture."

All of Renapur's products are available to purchase online through our shop or by phone on 0800 993 0130.

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