Practical Boat Owner Magazine


In their April issue, Practical Boat Owner Magazine recommended Renapur to care for your leather gear when on deck.

Reviewer Sarah Norbury has become a big fan of Renapur:

"A new pair of leather deck shoes is always a treat, but they soon become dulled and stained. At Renapur's Southampton Boat Show stand last year I proffered my tired looking deck shoes to their demonstrator.

"Stage one is a wipe with the Leather Cleaner, then you smooth on a layer of Leather Balsam conditioner - a concoction of beeswax, jojoba and other natural ingredients. To my delight, my deckies looked like new.

"Next day I strode up in my expensive leather boots that had a stain from something or other, and again they came up like new. Since then I've worn the boots day in, day out, and water and dirt are simply repelled. I took some cleaner and balsam home and after treating all the shoes in my wardrobe there's still plenty of the product left".

All of Renapur's excellent leather care products are available to purchase online through our shop, or by phone on 0800 993 0130.

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