Rave review from Inter Bike

The UK Biker Site inter-bike.co.uk recently gave an excellent review of Renapur Leather Balsam.

Inter-Bike put Renapur to the test on a "pair of lightly dirty motorcycle boots that hadn't had any leather treatment for approximately six months." The online magazine praised Leather Balsam's ability to clean, as well as care, for lightly soiled leather: the "dirt easily lifted off on our sponge." Inter-Bike added "apart from the instant visual appearance of clean boots, you can instantly tell the leather is suppler."

Next up on the Inter-Bike test was a pair of "faded and dried out" motorcycle gloves. Renapur's nourishing properties gently restore the natural colour of your leather whilst waterproofing. Renapur passed the running water test with flying colours: "the water just ran off the surface of the glove...and our hand stayed dry inside."

Inter-Bike praised Leather Balsam for its ability to revitalise old leather after testing on a pair of old, dried out gardening boots. Rubbing Leather Balsam "well into the dry leather instantly rejuvenated them and once again we had a pleasantly supple pair of leather boots".

Renapur Leather Balsam also won plaudits for its value for money: "we needed very little Balsam on our sponge to treat both boots and the product was simple to apply". Inter-Bike added that Leather Balsam "may be one of the better investments you can make in these troubled economic times...it's just a shame not all investments are as good as this one!"

All of Renapur's excellent products are available to purchase online through our shop or by phone on 0800 993 0125.

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