Taking motorcycle leather care up a gear


Renapur is a familiar name among motorcyclists and, over the last decade, has been seen at just about every bike show in the country.  A favourite among motorcycle enthusiasts, one pot of Renapur Balsam can last between five and ten years and is suitable for use on all leather items including boots, gloves, jackets, trousers and race suits.

“Smart motorcyclists know how important it is to invest in a good set of leathers from the point of view of protection and safety” says Renapur MD, Robin Aspinall.  “Good leathers aren’t cheap, so it makes sense to look after them to keep them at their very best” continues Robin.  “Leathers which are left to dry-out and crack lose their suppleness and become less comfortable to wear.  Keeping leathers soft and in good condition will prolong their life, keep them performing well and make sure they look new for longer.”

Renapur Leather Cleaner is effective at removing road grime, light grease and even fly kill from leathers.  Non-aggressive and non-abrasive, the Leather Cleaner is pH neutral and made from plant extracts.  After treating with the Leather Cleaner, Renapur Balsam can be applied to help waterproof leathers – essential when riding on a rainy day.  This non-sticky, non-smelly and non-greasy formulation is colour neutral; ideal for treating multi-coloured leathers.  Only a tiny amount is needed per application, making Renapur Balsam extremely economical.

“It can even help alleviate biker boot squeak!” adds Robin “And when you’ve finished cleaning your motorcycle leathers you can use it for the car interior, sofas, kids’ shoes and any other leather items which need to be brought back to their former glory – it’s a very handy product to have!”

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