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In their May issue, Your Home magazine recommended Renapur Leather Balsam to care for your leather sofa.

Anyone with leather furniture has wondered how to best care for it and ensure it looks as good as new.

When a Your Home reader asked "How can I ensure my new leather sofa ages well?", we're delighted to announce that the magazine recommended Renapur.

"Central heating and direct sunlight can cause leather to dry out, crack and fade, but by treating it a couple of times a year you can prevent this, keeping the leather soft and supple. Try Renapur Leather Balsam - one pot will treat your leather sofa up to 20 times."

Your Home added "Its natural formula of beeswax and jojoba oil is quickly absorbed so won't transfer onto clothes. The balsam gently lifts dirt and dust, as well as nourishing the leather and helping it to retain its waterproofing qualities."

Renapur is the ideal product for around the home. There are a 101 uses for the Renapur leather care products. You can also use it on leather shoes, handbags and gloves, leather car interiors, equestrian kit, motorcycle leathers, wooden gun name it!

The Renapur range of leather care products are available exclusively online through our shop.

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