Your Horse magazine


In their January issue, Your Horse magazine recommend Renapur Hi-Shine for your equestrian gear.

Renapur Hi-Shine is a superior quality leather polish which has been specially formulated to protect and care for your leather whilst adding a military shine.  Use on your equestrian gear and tack and you and your horse will be the best looking duo in the paddock.

It is made from natural ingredients, including Carnauba wax which adds a glossy shine and helps to waterproof leather as well. Hi-Shine also contains the natural anti-bacterial properties of tea tree oil, helping to protect your leather by killing mould and mildew spores before they get a chance to attack your leather.

Renapur Hi-Shine is free from silicates and contains a mild cleansing agent to gently dissolve surface grease and grime without harming your leather.

All of Renapur's fantastic leather care products are available through our shop or by phone on 0800 993 0130.

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