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"We recommend it to every single last one of our customers" Amilu Logo

Amilu sell classically timeless, British inspired handmade everyday and special occasion bags, hats, shawls and small accessories. 

Their range are sourced from across the world to ensure their materials and designs are of the highest quality – the finest Italian leather, hand embroidered and decorated bags from the East, palm straw from the Philippines for their range of hard case bags and crushable sun and rainhats from rainy old Britain.

Amilu Bag

It began on a business trip to the States...the founder spotted a number of really stunning decorative evening bags...with their last $200 they took the plunge and bought a few bags. 

Now along with their team they continue to build their handbag empire, selling via their website, through their base of over 50 stockists and at independent events up and down the UK, bringing Amilu to ladies who love style.

Amilu exclusively manufacture their main collection of everyday bags in Italy, a country renowned for quality materials, especially leather which forms the base of our primary collection.


Amilu Bag

Each Amilu bag is carefully handcrafted which allows them to promise each and every one of their customers great value for money, and what’s more, an accessory that they can rely on. 

Before being sold every leather bag is treated with Renapur Leather Balsam

"We tried and tested many different products on our leather handbags before they go out to customers to make sure they look tip top. Renapur leather cream is by far our favourite and we recommend it to every single last one of our customers every time they buy from us. From a company that relies on quality looking leather products, we wouldn't recommend anyone else."

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