Belding Europe Recommend Renapur

Belding Europe"Renapur is instrumental in preserving the waterproofing and appearance of my golf bag"

Hand crafted in California, Belding has 50 years of manufacturing experience and thousands of satisfied customers, including several Ryder Cup team and U.S. Presidents.

Belding Europe provides accessible design and customer service facilities for Belding bags and luggage;  that have been completely hand-made, in the same factory in California, since 1965.

Tony and Jo Bishop

17 years ago, on a trip to Florida, Tony Bishop bought his Belding golf bag and has used it and loved it ever since.

In an attempt to buy another for his wife he found it impossible to find one in Britain. So Tony contacted the owner of Belding.  They got on so well that Tony became the exclusive distributor for Belding in Europe.

Tony has been in business as long as he has been playing golf and he understands what makes great customer service. Belding have been manufacturing beautiful quality bags for 50 years. They make a good team.

Belding Golf Bag
After Tony bought his first Belding leather golf bag in 1998, Renapur has been instrumental in preserving the waterproofing and appearance of that golf bag.

Whenever Belding Europe supply a leather golf bag, they include a complimentary sample pot of Renapur to keep the fabulous look of the bag and prolong its life.

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