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"Renapur Balsam prolongs the life of our boots"

Established in 1967 Fletcher Stewart is well known as a supplier of specialist products to the arboricultural and forestry industry.


Stein LogoIn 2006 the company set out to create the finest chainsaw boot available under the Stein brand name. Stein chainsaw boots need to fulfil several important criteria: They need to be very comfortable, they need to be tough enough to withstand harsh working environments and they need to be armoured to protect against an accidental slip of a chainsaw. The Stein chainsaw boot succeeded in all these criteria and is now very popular around the world.


Stein Boots

Fletcher Stewart Product Manager, Tim Ogden explained,

We chose Renapur Leather Balsam to prolong the life of our boots and also because the preparation is made from naturally derived ingredients. “With reference to our association with Renapur, our chainsaw boots are produced in Europe using top quality leathers created specifically for our industry. These leathers need treatment to maintain their quality and appearance.

Every pair of full grain leather boots leaves our warehouse with a Renapur care pack in the box.

We can only point our customers in the right direction and hope they will continue to use this first class product to protect and enhance their Stein chainsaw boots.”