Papouelli Shoes for Children Recommend Renapur

"Simply the best shoe care product in the world!"Papillon Shoes for Children Logo

Papouelli Shoes for Children are an award winning* London based shoe designer and retailer.

“We want our clients to keep their Papouelli shoes looking beautiful for longer which is why we recommend Renapur to them. School shoes in particular can take such a battering so it’s so great to have a product that can give them that polished look quickly and easily”.

The company was founded in 2003 by Nicole Robinson and Maggie Snouck, with Felicia Brocklebank joining as the third partner in 2010. Papouelli's aim is to create shoes that are beautiful, practical and classically timeless but with a contemporary edge.

Catering for all children’s footwear needs the shoe collections start from size 16 for tiny babies to first walking sizes and upwards to teenagers. The range also includes larger children’s sizes (38-45) as beautiful shoes in these sizes are sometimes difficult to find.

The company has been recommending Renapur to all of their clients to prolong the life of their shoes. They decided that just extolling the virtues of this brilliant product was not enough and so they started to directly demonstrate the power of Renapur.

When clients walked in to one of their shops they treated their children’s scuffed shoes with Renapur Leather Balsam. Within 2 seconds of applying Renapur the scuff marks were gone and, needless to say, their clients were absolutely amazed at the results.

Nicole from Papouelli explained “And it’s not just clients that I recommend it to, I use Renapur for everything, not just shoes. I am a busy working mum and so I particularly like the fact that it’s so versatile that I only need one pot to do all my different coloured shoes. It’s very easy to use, non-messy and doesn’t dry out”.

Finally, Nicole summed up why she loves Renapur so much “It’s simply the best shoe care product in the world”.

To read more about Papouelli Shoes for Children, visit their Designer Children's Shoes website.