Piper Bags recommend Renapur

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Based in Devon, Piper Bags is an award winning small craft workshop with over 30 years’ experience working with the finest English leather.

Owned and run by Tony and Jenny Piper, the workshop specialises in designing and making an exclusive range of hand-made leather handbags as well as briefcases, rucksacks and travel bags. Tony, a member of the Devon Guild of Craftsmen, has received a South West Craft award for his work.

Piper Bags - Tony in the WorkshopPiper Bags put great importance on the quality of their materials. Each hand-made bag uses the finest leather and is lined throughout with pigskin suede. The majority of the leather they use is tanned locally in Somerset. Tony and Jenny strive to produce bags that are practical and give lasting satisfaction to their customers. As Jenny explains, Renapur is part of that success:

"We have been using Renapur for about five years after a very good customer of ours showed us a bag she had bought about 10 years previously. It looked in beautiful condition and when we commented on how well she'd looked after it, she told us she always used Renapur Leather Balsam on all her bags and how brilliant it is."

Piper Bags - Bag

It is evident from the quality of their products that Piper Bags take the utmost pride and care in their manufacturing process. We are very proud that Tony and Jenny recommend Renapur as their choice leather care product to maintain the quality and prolong the life of their leather bags. 

Jenny added "Since then we have used nothing else and recommend it to all our customers. It's so easy to use, very economical and produces instant results even on bags which have been neglected."