Tanner Bates Recommend Renapur

Tanner Bates Logo"Renapur is exceptional at improving the water proofing" 

John Hagger, founder of Tanner Bates trained as a saddler and bridlemaker in Walsall, West Midlands and comes from a London family of leatherworkers. They are now based in Dartington, Devon.

Tanner Bates design/make fine leathergoods. Leather making and working are part of our national fabric and John is proud to be one of the few makers still employing these traditions of crafting and using the leather that we are famous for throughout the world. 

John Hagger

John started working with leather after a mid life change. His grandfather was a leather guilder and before him the family were glovers. John trained in Walsall as a saddler and bridlemaker because he wanted to learn how to work with leather in the traditional way.

Even though his interest is not equestrian related the influence is evident in his designs.

John says, "I love the factories, foundrys and tanneries of Walsall and especially the oak bark tannery in East Devon. Wherever possible I use materials made there."

Leather bag

John also added, "We have our own specially formulated hide feed made from a mix of oils and waxes which we use to feed our leather however Renapur is exceptional at improving the water proofing specifically of our oak bark tanned leather which we use for our most luxurious lines including our Baja bag range and our Devon messenger bag."