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"Renapur Balsam immediately enriches all the leather"

Viparo is a Men and Women’s Urban street wear label based in Sydney, Australia. We provide on-trend, classic leather pieces that include outerwear (Jackets and vests) and separates (like skirts, dresses and shorts).

Established in 2008, we aim to provide the Viparo customer with affordable and high quality leather apparel.  We ship worldwide and we sell on various selling platforms such as eBay US & Australia and Amazon US, UK and Germany. Our most recent stockist is major US online retailer





Because we offer premium leather items, we provide the highest leather care, which we believe is Renapur. It nourishes, softens and protects our garments.  We stock both the Balsam in all sizes and the Liquid concentrate, and have received positive feedback from customers. Renapur is non-greasy, is easily absorbed into the leather and leaves a polished shine."